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Geo Group is a UK marketing company that specialises in Destination Marketing and Representation for sub-Saharan African countires and regions.


The outbound market from the UK and Europe for Africa is strong, with an ever increasing share of the world’s long-haul tourist numbers. Geo Group believe that most tourist destinations in Africa can increase their share of the market significantly if given support in the spheres of marketing, promotion and public relations. Such support raises the awareness of the tourism product with the tourist trade, travel media and the general public. It also satisfies the undeniable need for easy access to a reliable source of accurate and up to date information.  This forms the foundation for growth in the burgeoning market from the UK and Europe, and, increasingly, globally.



Services Offered


Geo Group offer a specialist promotion, marketing and public relations service to the Tourist Industry.


Geo Group has been active in this field for more than fifteen years, with an exclusive focus on African destinations. An expertise has been built up especially in the field of assisting countries keen to develop their tourist industries from a relatively low base but wishing to take a larger share of the ever increasing number of international tourists.


We specialise in Destination Marketing and Representation of regions or countries. Fees are realistic and the range of services is comprehensive and negotiable.


Services include promotion and public relations, representation at trade and consumer fairs, presentations to the trade and media, website construction and management, trade contacts, press/media contacts, brochure and leaflet design, printing and publishing. We work equally well with national tourist boards or private sector associations/consortia.




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UK Tel: 0115 972 7250 |